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My name is Mick and I am lucky enough to call Mackay my home, Mackay is located on the Queensland coast around half way between Cairns and Brisbane. Mackay is well known for its sugar and coal industries but is rarely recognized as an A class angling destination.

The thing I love most about the region is that regardless of weather conditions we always have fishing options. Close to home we have a myriad of estuary systems with endless target species including Australia’s iconic Barramundi, and if Barra are your thing then we have 3 world class stocked impoundments full of trophy sized fish. A short drive over the range can put you in the sweetwater with a shot at sight casting the elegant Saratoga or wrestling a thug like Sooty Grunter out of heavy cover. If you hear the ocean calling then there are also endless opportunities, a short boat trip offshore see’s anglers fishing the bottom end of the Whitsunday Islands for a range of reef and pelagic species from Spanish Mackerel to Coral Trout and everything in between. And for those feeling adventurous we have the Great Barrier Reef a little further out.

I have spent almost 30 years fishing in the Mackay area and I enjoy all types of fishing, I love the challenge of fooling a fish to eat an artificial offering. My main weapon of choice are hardbodied lures (especially surface) and I have spent a lot of time trying to work some of the different species in the area out.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback, questions about anything fishing related or products I have used, or if you would like me to cover any specific topics on the blog!

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Tight Lines!!


Professional Bio

Mick Hassett, born in 1982 as Michael John Hassett (and now referred to by some as “Captain Mick”) is a happy go lucky, modern day pirate from sunny North Queensland. He resides with his wife (the genius behind this website) and his 3 children, in one of North Queensland’s best kept secrets to the angling world – Mackay.

Mick’s passion for fishing was handed down by his father John, who has been, and still is teaching him everything he knows from a very young age. When Mick was just 2 years old his father took a job as a caretaker on an island just south of Mackay. Life on the island was simple, almost everything revolved around the ocean – no drama, disconnected from society and the only worry at hand was the tides. This suited the boys to a tee and paved the way for a serious fishing addiction which still has a firm grasp over John and his son right up until this day.

Later in life back in Mackay, Mick had been completely possessed by the ocean lifestyle, and every weekend his main concerns still revolved around the tide and every spare moment he was down playing in the mud at the nearest creek. Quite often at school when the topic would arise of what he would like to be when he grew up, his answer was always “I want to be a fisherman”.

Skip forward a few years with every spare moment spent on the water with his old man and new friends, Mick has now finished school and begun working on jobs in different fields. He decides to have a go and pursue his dream of becoming a fisherman setting off to the reef on a professional live trout fishing boat, it didn’t last long at all before he found out that this career path wasn’t all about the fishing and was not the lifestyle he’d anticipated.

At 18 years old Mick packed up and moved south to the Gold Coast, continuing his passion for the ocean and taking up a new career path working in a surfboard factory, he now had a new reason to be on the water. Fishing was still a big passion and if he wasn’t surfing or working, you could find him on a rock wall with a fishing rod in his hand. After building a lot of friendships through the fishing and surfing scene over 11 years on the Gold Coast, Mick was now married with a 6 month old baby – Leo. After his son was born his attention turned towards his young family, the Gold Coast wasn’t providing a rock solid future so he and his wife decided to pack up and head north to make a new life.

Before leaving behind a lot of friends on the Gold Coast, Mick had bragged of the fishing he once knew and experienced when he was younger living in Mackay. So shortly after moving, he started a fishing blog to spruik of his fishing achievements to his friends back down south. He also began writing regular articles for fishing publications and showcasing his photography skills through his blog and it wasn’t long before being noticed by companies for his passion toward the fishing/ocean lifestyle.

Today Mick is a fully sponsored angler backed by one of Japan’s most prestigious hardbody lure companies – DUO International. For 5 years he has collaborated with them designing specific colours to target the iconic Barramundi here in Australia. The fish he catches are a testament to his experience and knowledge of his target species, and as any angler worth their salt would know, this is only achieved by spending time on the water. Alongside DUO, Mick is also supported by Tide Apparel, Mako Eyewear, Toray, Anglermate and BKK. When Mick isn’t at home with his family, or on the water, he spends his time working in a fishing tackle store where he enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge to help other anglers succeed in their angling pursuits. And even through life’s challenges in this day and age, he is still carefree and his thinking is still governed by the tides.

Stay tuned for Mick’s next chapter as he brings you an exciting new guided fishing business based in the Mackay region.

Watch this space!