I’m still alive… (Bulk pics)

Well here is a whole months worth of reports in one blog post… Instead of writing individual reports I thought it would be easier to share all these pics instead of playing catch ups. It started off with an exploratory mission to see if Jonny and I could tangle with some of the local elusive… Continue Reading

Simply the best!

Here is an interesting look into how DUO lures are made right from the start, beginning with an idea, then crafted into a work of art. Mr Adachi – THE Master! This video shows the love put into these lures and is a testament to their quality! Geez I love this company!!! Chapter I Chapter… Continue Reading

A vital top up.

A couple of weeks back we were in lockdown at work as cyclone Dylan was beginning to form, we hadn’t yet had the wind come through but a few days worth of rain were just what we needed to give the rivers and dams a desperately needed top up. After a few hours of solid… Continue Reading

2014 DUO Catalogue and Competition

Hey guys, Here’s a sneak peek at the new 2014 DUO catalogue. So many lures and I even got my ugly mug in there!!! Theres something for everyone, check it out. Also if you’re on Facebook check out their latest competition, there will be free lures going to the winner. Just look for this pic… Continue Reading

Clean Water Toga

Clean Water Toga

A couple of weeks ago Shane and I made plans head out west on a toga hunt to see what we could find, we still hadn’t had any rain at this stage and I was eager to get out and see what it would be like out there. After an early morning drive over the… Continue Reading

Testing out the Grady

Okay, it’s been a hectic month with plenty of fishing so now it’s time to catch up again… Early in January we had a few days of good weather so I decided to take my Dad and Jonny out for a test run in the Grady, I wanted to get a bit of an idea… Continue Reading

What a way to kick things off!

What a way to kick things off!

While on holidays down in Moree I received a message from my work mate Josh who was looking into a fuel issue on the Grady, the message showed a pic of my boat on the water and by the looks of the pic she was ready to go. On New Year’s Eve my wife and… Continue Reading

Call of Duty.

Well I know a lot of you are keen to read the report from our recent cod trip down south, so I thought I’d better get my a$$ into gear and pen something up so here it is… The 28th of December was locked into my calendar as the day I met up with good… Continue Reading

Moree pest control.

Over the Christmas break I spent a week down at Moree, the weather was hot and I wish I could say the same about the fishing… On the first day I ducked into the local tackle store to pick their brains and spent a bit of time and money before the first trip. While in… Continue Reading

Sootys on 3lb…

Over the last couple of weeks I have been on holidays and in an attempt to make the most of it, I’ve been flat out fishing and spending time with the family which has left very little time for blogging. So over the next day or two expect a few updates as I catch up… Continue Reading