Plenty of fish – Part 2

Plenty of fish – Part 2

Still catching up from a crazy couple of months… Here’s some more pics.

A little while back we head out for a couple of hours jigging in close, the trip mainly consisted of golden trevally, mackerel and coral trout on 50g jigs, small vibes and 5″ plastics.

 photo MGF1765_zpse8fb6ec4.jpg

 photo MGF1766_zpscc1f46b0.jpg

 photo MGF1769_zps13f47d9f.jpg

 photo MGF1770_zpsff07b217.jpg

 photo MGF1768_zpsa81b3045.jpg

 photo MGF1767_zps760515d0.jpg

 photo MGF1771_zpsf233f077.jpg

My next trip was out over the hill chasing toga with a few mates who had never caught one before. We ended with quite a few fish including a new PB of 79cm considering the cooler conditions.

 photo MGF1772_zpsaa45e3c4.jpg

 photo MGF1775_zps57b2f5be.jpg

 photo MGF1777_zpsfb43c3ad.jpg

 photo MGF1774_zps0a7bd42c.jpg

 photo MGF1776_zps946b8a74.jpg

 photo MGF1778_zpsacc028d7.jpg

 photo MGF1780_zps76ec64db.jpg

 photo MGF1773_zps5266668b.jpg

 photo MGF1779_zps34caa786.jpg

 photo MGF1781_zpsd6c54457.jpg

The following weekend I was down the coast for a wedding and managed to sneak a fish in with a good mate and fellow DUO International pro staff angler Scott, we hit up Moogerah to try our luck and ended up with around 13 fish which were jigged up on vibes. This was my first attempt at bass fishing in an impoundment and it was a fun way to spend a day!

 photo MGF1783_zps0f4dc616.jpg

 photo MGF1782_zps3abde6d1.jpg

 photo MGF1785_zps4344e25e.jpg

 photo MGF1784_zps0b37d57b.jpg

The following weekend I was due to head home and was greeted with some near perfect weather, Scott and another mate Marty also come up to take advantage of this. We left nice and early and made a 130km run out to the reef where we absolutely cleaned up on coral trout on hardbodies. It’s hard to say what the total number of fish was but I would happily say we landed well over 50 legal fish with a few other mixed species thrown in. On the way home we made a quick stop and the boys got into a double hook up on good queenfish to top the day off.

 photo MGF1786_zps87b4a85f.jpg

 photo MGF1788_zpsd3aac568.jpg

 photo MGF1787_zps42b1aa84.jpg

 photo MGF1789_zps89512f10.jpg

 photo MGF1790_zps4d6e729f.jpg

Anyway that’s all for now, I’ve got a third part to this series which will be uploaded as soon as I get a chance to edit and upload pics. It’s been pretty flat out for me lately incase you can’t tell but stay tuned for more!

Thanks for looking!

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