Plenty Of Fish – Part 4 (The Final Chapter)

Plenty Of Fish – Part 4 (The Final Chapter)

Ok here it is, the final chapter of my plenty of fish series… I know I’ve been slack and from here on I will be updating the blog more often!

To kick it off, last August (shit it’s really been that long ????) a mate and I had a rain day at work and decided to make the most of it. Being cold, wet and windy we weren’t really expecting much but after a friend sent us a photo of a barra at Kinchant we decided to try our luck in the Grady out on the dam. After about an hour of freezing and being rained on I was about to call it a day early when I noticed a few baitfish flickering on a shallow weed edge as we drift down along a point. A few minutes later in the corner of my eye I noticed a disturbance in the exact spot so I motored up and dropped anchor so we could work the area properly. About 5 casts in Justin hooked up to a 106cm barra on a soft plastic, then after a quick pic, a few minutes later it was my turn with a 118cm model on the Realis Jerkbait 100sp. For the next 40 minutes we went fish for fish with 8 metre plus specimens landed between 103cm and 118cm on vibes and both shallow and deep jerkbaits. We decided to pull the pin and left them biting because the rain got crazy and I’d frozen my ass off long enough. On the way home we called our mate who had sent us the pic and inspired the trip and it turned out that it was an old pic and that he’d sent it to stir us up… Oops!

 photo MGF1841_zpsd79a2c53.jpg

 photo MGF1842_zps673fc8aa.jpg

 photo MGF1844_zps53c95edd.jpg

 photo MGF1843_zpsb0ba9e01.jpg

 photo MGF1845_zps4184cbf2.jpg

 photo MGF1847_zps688ac507.jpg

 photo MGF1848_zpsf45aba9d.jpg

 photo MGF1846_zpsbe5acb9e.jpg

The following day work was canned again so I decided to give my brand new 9 weight Sage Xi3 a few practice casts. This time I was land based and set off on foot for a long walk around the dam. Along the way I saw a heap of fish up in the shallows in the warmer water and while getting them to eat a fly wasn’t too difficult, setting the hook and keeping them connected was. After 5 bites I’d had 3 hookups and it wasn’t until my 6th shot that I finally made one stick. At 109cm and after an epic battle I had a new PB fly caught barra on the bank, to top it off it was caught on one of my very own home made flies.

 photo MGF1849_zps133a2a7f.jpg

 photo MGF1850_zpsf2e84a55.jpg

Next trip was out over the hill chasing saratoga on the new Realis Shinmushu, which means – the ultimate bug, a fully customizable top water cicada with interchangeable legs and wings. It was a relatively eventful day with plenty of toga and sootys on this new lure. Pete even wrangled a piglet out from the bushes…

 photo MGF1854_zpse4e1d07e.jpg

 photo MGF1853_zps1527f077.jpg

 photo MGF1856_zps643cf3b5.jpg

 photo MGF1852_zps5dfc6a12.jpg

 photo MGF1851_zps83d70cbb.jpg

 photo MGF1855_zpscc50e3d1.jpg

 photo MGF1859_zps4c9c1242.jpg

 photo MGF1857_zpse7e7b1c2.jpg

 photo MGF1858_zps9ae10bcd.jpg

Next up Dad and I took my boy Leo out to chase a few spanish mackerel, the weather was nice so we just kicked back and trolled big Xraps and showed Leo what it’s all about.

 photo MGF1860_zpse934061b.jpg

 photo MGF1861_zps35717258.jpg

A few days later Adam and I went for a run to see if we could jig a few up. We tried several locations but all we could rustle up was a spotty mackerel which Adam scored. I copped a proper smoking by something unstoppable and it was looking like I was coming home with a donut. That was until we pulled up on the way home and first drop I fluked a decent permit from 20m of water.

 photo MGF1862_zpsc1b09bb0.jpg

 photo MGF1863_zps612f572f.jpg

 photo MGF1864_zps3b731b89.jpg

One last trip out over the hill before heading off to Kiribati saw my mate Shaun catch his first ever toga, it was a fairly quiet day but we found around 30 fish sitting under the one tree and a lot of them were reluctant to bite due to what I suspect was a breeding congregation. We ended up with 3 fish all up and saved a drunken lorikeet from drowning…

 photo MGF1869_zpsb48d8a36.jpg

 photo MGF1865_zps8afcdb10.jpg

 photo MGF1867_zpse2bb2a4a.jpg

 photo MGF1868_zps99ec0e72.jpg

 photo MGF1866_zps47857a63.jpg

Then we were off to Kiribati, there is a full article I have written up in the latest Cast eMag but here are a few pics which didn’t make the cut…

 photo MGF1870_zpsd89603f2.jpg

 photo MGF1876_zpsef48e9e1.jpg

 photo MGF1871_zps234fa7c8.jpg

 photo MGF1872_zps71385fc1.jpg

 photo MGF1873_zpseb3817a7.jpg

 photo MGF1874_zps8ae5d045.jpg

 photo MGF1877_zps9067518c.jpg

 photo MGF1875_zpsacde4c40.jpg

 photo MGF1882_zps43e43f93.jpg

 photo MGF1879_zpsd2827aa7.jpg

 photo MGF1880_zpsb69adfb0.jpg

 photo MGF1881_zpsd6b13e69.jpg

 photo MGF1884_zpsb310c239.jpg

 photo MGF1878_zpsf3fa3aee.jpg

 photo MGF1883_zps22e48a86.jpg

The day before I left for Kiribati I bought a second hand canoe with a little electric motor on the back, so as soon as I arrived home I tee’d up a trip with Dave to go and chase some saltys before the season closed. Dave had never caught a wild barra before so you can imagine his face when he hooked up to his first proper barra and to top it off this one went 103cm on a 20lb leader… So he instantly joined the metre club before we’d even reached our spot. Over the next hour or so I managed another 4 fish which went 86, 90, 95 and a 101cm all on the ever faithful Realis Jerkbait 120. I guess you can say the canoe has mojo!

 photo MGF1886_zps9175b97c.jpg

 photo MGF1888_zps7261d4b5.jpg

 photo MGF1890_zps080a1b1f.jpg

 photo MGF1887_zps40d1f015.jpg

 photo MGF1885_zps9aca6be8.jpg

 photo MGF1889_zps58f94f4e.jpg

The following day I tried another spot on foot and managed another 5 fish on my trusty jerkbaits. A 75, 79, 84, 91 and a 104cm. I’m missing the last few pics from this trip from when my young fella got his hands on my camera but here’s what I’ve got left (likely story ay hahaha)…

 photo MGF1891_zps5a3dbcae.jpg

 photo MGF1893_zpsbe7495c2.jpg

 photo MGF1892_zpsf903865b.jpg

A few days later Mick and I went for another run in the canoe, it was looking like it was lining up to be a hot session with an estimated 110cm model throwing the lure on the jump on my third cast then Mick losing one on a transam minutes later but we slogged away for 3 hours without another bite. That was when this 110cm girl gave me a run and put on a real show and went on to prove that persistence pays off.

 photo MGF1894_zps84804007.jpg

The following week the boys from DUO were up so I played guide, things were tough so we tried a few new locations with very little luck, Scott managed a nice little fingermark on the second day using a Jerkbait and a decent jew while we were out jigging but it wasn’t until his last day that he banged a barra, only a little fella but at 79cm who’s complaining. The day Scott left Steve and I took the canoe out and I jumped off a proper metery within the first few casts, that was the only fish we saw all day… The following day Steve banged a nice 80 odd centimeter fish which I lost trying to bring aboard the canoe, but he managed to redeem it with another fish a bit bigger the following day. I managed to get my second bite for the week which was a monster but it was sharked in the opening seconds of the fight :( two cast later I had my third bite for the week which took almost 200m of line out on the first run as it swam downstream with the current in shallow water, I saw the knot to backing and applied extra pressure to slow her down but it was too little too late and the braid popped. The next day Steve managed a good barra in the canoe on the Jerkbait 120 which made it all worthwhile. Other than that the only other fish landed for the week was a decent golden trevally which gave Steve a good run in the shallows.

 photo MGF1897_zps2b439ea2.jpg

 photo MGF1896_zps5948b9c4.jpg

 photo MGF1898_zps537b92af.jpg

 photo MGF1901_zpsd9aea4c5.jpg

 photo MGF1902_zps369b9717.jpg

 photo MGF1899_zps2a426f0f.jpg

 photo MGF1900_zps8b040502.jpg

The day after the boys left I went for a run with my brother, it was almost as if I’d been jinxed the week before because in the hour or so that we fished we jumped off 2 big girls and I landed this 108cm model.

 photo MGF1895_zpsbb0b2882.jpg

The following week Shane and I went up north to have a go at some jungle perch, we spent 3 days up in the rainforest and landed more fish than we could care to count. There were some solid chunks mixed in there including several 40cm+ specimens and Shane and I both scoring new PB’s with Shane cracking a 45cm fish and my 50cm horse. I guess you could say it was a successful trip!

 photo MGF1910_zps3f079322.jpg

 photo MGF1904_zps7a7d7ba4.jpg

 photo MGF1903_zps039b61ed.jpg

 photo MGF1905_zps79c5b449.jpg

 photo MGF1908_zpsff4959c5.jpg

 photo MGF1906_zpse56fd854.jpg

 photo MGF1907_zpsa3e7515f.jpg

 photo MGF1909_zpsfc66e610.jpg

 photo MGF1911_zps7c96cc75.jpg

After returning home I spent a solid week fishing fly, in 3 days I managed to rack up 4 new pelagic species which made for a bit of fun! (There was also a little golden trevally but I don’t have a pic)

 photo MGF1912_zps30074da6.jpg

 photo MGF1913_zps2fcf8790.jpg

 photo MGF1914_zps3c8451f2.jpg

 photo MGF1915_zps8e4b8ec8.jpg

 photo MGF1916_zps53dba29f.jpg

My next trip was a quiet one, we hit the islands and shoals jigging micro jigs and vibes and managed to scrape together a feed of trout on blades, a golden on a 40g jig and a decent spanish on surface using the Roughtrail Aomasa 148.

 photo MGF1919_zps8c9cf049.jpg

 photo MGF1918_zpse6f3cda1.jpg

 photo MGF1917_zps2d922d32.jpg

A few days later I went for a fly session with a mate on the flats, scored this school mackie and had multiple shots at big queenies and permit but couldn’t entice a bite.

 photo MGF1920_zpsa1ddf90c.jpg

The next few afternoons were spent micro jigging the shoals, we got a few small cobia and a few various trevally species which kept us entertained.

 photo MGF1921_zps34781a7e.jpg

 photo MGF1924_zps2efbfe6e.jpg

 photo MGF1922_zpsd75af409.jpg

 photo MGF1925_zpsb061e4a5.jpg

 photo MGF1923_zps14eb3a7a.jpg

After that I was on a mission to catch a toga on fly, I’ve been out west several times now chasing them and had 5 bites and only 2 hookups with no fish landed, so it’s proving to be a bit more challenging than I’d previously thought… We did however manage a few sootys each trip and Nate got one on spin to keep the enthusiasm there. – I will be back..!

 photo MGF1927_zps3bd7ac0b.jpg

 photo MGF1926_zpsd9dfbcbf.jpg

 photo MGF1928_zps64ce9fb2.jpg

Next trip we had the family up for Christmas so I took my father in law (who has never been offshore fishing) out for a run in the Grady, first up I nailed a decent cobia on a 50g jig then Tony backed it up with a couple of golden’s, mackerel, tuna and got smoked by a GT around the 25kg mark on an Aomasa 148 on Pe4. I don’t have pics of the fish Tony caught but here’s the cobia.

 photo MGF1929_zps1a9d7abd.jpg

Then the rains came and there was nothing to do but fish the dam. I hit up Teemburra with Geoff in his nitro and we managed one big sooty and a small barra but other than that it was dead so the following few days I hit Kinchant and banged 12 or so decent barra, only 4 over the metre mark but the rest were decent sized on the new DUO Beachwalker Haul soft plastics.

 photo MGF1934_zps8c58c188.jpg

 photo MGF1932_zps32f91c11.jpg

 photo MGF1933_zpse0576382.jpg

 photo MGF1931_zpsc01efd6b.jpg

The other day Dave and I hit up the dirty water out on the shark nets to try and find some triple tail. We were unsuccessful there but Dave did manage a nice golden on a 2-4kg rod and a DUO Deep Feat.

 photo MGF1930_zpse1822401.jpg

I’ve had a couple of other trips offshore where we have caught fish but nothing really brag worthy so I haven’t bothered taking many pics. So that’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll no doubt be back soon with a trip report and as I stated earlier I will be keeping the blog more up to date as of now.

Thanks for reading!

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