Stalking sootys (with GoPro footage)

Stalking sootys (with GoPro footage)

I recently scored a few days off work due to bad weather so instead of lounging around I thought I’d make the most of my time and go chase some sootys. After multiple calls trying to rustle up a fishing buddy I decided to go solo so I could stalk the banks like a ninja…

This turned out to be a good idea because you can be so much stealthier when you’re on your own. I had my hands on a nice little custom rod built by a local lad which he wanted me to try, so I took that up with me to to give it a workout. Walking down the bank my anticipation was high and it wasn’t long before I’d spotted a big lazy sooty sitting under a log. In my own excitement I snuck up, put my little Lunkerhunter frog on his head and within a split second it was engulfed. This ended up being a nice fish of 51cm but I forgot to turn on my GoPro…

After this fish I filmed almost everything and in the space of a couple of hours I’d picked up close to 10 big sootys around the 50cm mark and 2 barra around 70-80cm. Unfortunately I only took 2 batteries but I scored some pretty cool surface footage which you can watch below the photos. Big thanks to James @ Furini Custom Rods! The rod performed flawlessly and cast unweighted baits with ease!!


Thanks for looking!

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