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One of the most important aspects with fishing is your line, you can have the best rod, reel, and lure but if you aren’t using a quality line it can be very frustrating. For the past few years I have been using the Sunline Super PE for a lot of my light lure fishing. I have used it in all breaking strains between 6 and 30lb. The 6lb is good and I can’t fault the stuff, however I found the 30lb a bit thick but it is still good strong line.

Lately I have tested out a few different brands with mixed results and I keep coming back to the Super PE mainly for its quality, price and for the fact that I am completely confident using it. It also knots really well unlike some of the other braids I’ve used, which is obviously really important.

I almost exclusively use it now on all my outfits between 8 and 20lb and in my opinion it is the best value for money braid on the market. It is thin, nice and soft with a round profile, reasonably smooth and packs onto the spool nicely all of which are great attributes when making long casts with light lures. I also find it to be very good around rough terrain as it’s abrasion resistance is outstanding.

There have been a few instances where I’ve been connected to a good fish and it has run me around or over a snag and this braid has held up where others would have let me down. One scenario which sticks in my head is when I had a 7kg Queenfish on the line when fishing off the rocks at the harbour. After a half hour fight I got the fish in close and it went deep, I could feel the braid dragging over the oyster covered rocks and I thought it was all over. I backed off it a little and kept the pressure on until it decided to swim away from the rock and it finally came free, after this I thought the braid would be shredded for sure but after landing the fish I thoroughly checked it out and couldn’t find a single nick.

As I have said I have been using this braid for over 2 years and I have alot of confidence in it. It has never let me down so I have no problem recommending it to anyone looking for a quality line at a reasonable price.

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  1. Tried it based on your recommendation from a few posts ago and it sure is good! Very good value for money!

  2. Hey mick, I wanted to spool a 3000 with 10lb sunline but I found that they only come in spool sizes of 150m at that length, what do you do???

  3. Hey Mick,
    I’ll second the comment on Suffix 832. It’s also a better bet on a baitcaster as it tends not to bed down into the other wraps. It’s also very thin in fact I use it on my Bass gear here in Northern NSW. There’s always the chance of an Eastern Cod around here.
    I have a Daiwa Caldia 2506 spooled with the that 12lb Toray. It’s a nice set up for Bass.

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